Family Law Practice

Robin, Ferguson & Kempton, LLP is a law firm dedicated solely to representing clients in family law matters including dissolution of marriage, dissolution of domestic partnership, custody, property division, spousal support, child support, and pre-marital agreements. We have extensive experience handling complex financial and custody matters and understand that dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership may involve complicated legal and factual issues as well as difficult emotions. We recognize that each family law case is unique and we work closely with our clients to jointly develop strategies for accomplishing their individual goals. We promote settlement of litigation and, when possible, strive to reduce the cost of litigation through mediation and cooperation.

Family Law Litigation Services

We offer litigation services, representing clients at all stages in their dissolution—from pre-filing all the way through to trial, if necessary. The best outcomes are typically achieved through negotiated settlements in which the parties ultimately decide the outcome by agreement rather than a Judge’s determination. However, settlement is not always possible and our firm has extensive and successful litigation experience and a solid commitment to comprehensive and superior trial preparation to vigorously protect our clients’ rights under California law.

Mediation and Collaborative Practice

We also offer mediation services to parties representing themselves (or who are represented by other attorneys) to help both sides reach amicable and fair settlements and we offer collaborative practice services in which both parties agree not to litigate their case and, instead, attempt to mutually resolve their case with the aid of attorneys and, if necessary, financial experts and custody coaches.

Our Commitment

Ending a marriage can be a difficult process. The attorneys at Robin, Ferguson & Kempton are committed to assisting all of our clients reach fair, efficient and amicable resolution so that they can move on with their lives.