Robin Ferguson & Kempton

As a law firm exclusively dedicated to family law matters, Robin, Ferguson & Kempton represents and guides clients through the process of divorce, custody, property division, nullities, paternity, domestic violence restraining orders, spousal support and child support.

We strongly believe that each family law case is unique and benefits from a custom and holistic approach. We work collaboratively with you to tailor strategies and identify resources to help you accomplish your goals, protect your rights and move forward with your life.

Our Practice Areas


If your divorce must go to court, we work vigorously, strategically and intelligently to uphold your rights under California law.


Mediation can be a productive and efficient way to resolve your divorce while minimizing both acrimony and expense; our experienced mediators will guide you and your spouse through the process.

Consulting Counsel

If you choose to mediate your divorce, negotiate your own divorce or need a second opinion, we provide valuable resources to support you.

Collaborative Practice

If you want to stay out of court, reduce animosity and gain more control over the process and outcome, consider this alternative approach to divorce.

Our Leadership

Our partners Julia S. Ferguson, Douglas Robin, and Alissa Kempton have over 45 years of combined experience.

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To contact us or schedule a consultation please call 650.752.0800.

Our Commitment

We understand that ending a marriage or other domestic relationship can be a difficult process, often marked by complex emotions, financial stress and uncertainty. We are committed to assisting you through the process and providing information and resources to help you reach your goals. Because every case is unique, our strategies are customized. You can depend on us to focus on your individual situation and the objectives you want to achieve.

Our attorneys are empathetic, candid and committed to finding the best possible resolution. We collaborate closely with you to identify a reasonable, practical and amicable resolution—whether through agreement or in court—to support you in moving forward to the next chapter in your life.