About Us

Guided by the belief that every family law matter is unique and benefits from a customized approach, Robin, Ferguson & Kempton represents individuals in the dissolution of their marriages and other family law matters.

We focus on your unique situation to help you weigh options. We identify and engage financial professionals and mental health resources, if necessary, to work towards achieving an enduring and practical settlement to help move your life forward in a positive direction.

With over 45 years of combined experience, our partners Douglas Robin, Julia S. Ferguson and Alissa Kempton have a depth of knowledge of Family Law. They are leaders in the family law community in San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.



A Holistic Approach to Family Law Matters


Many of our clients have complex issues surrounding property division, support and child custody. Our holistic approach recognizes the fact that your case will be affected by many variables including not only the facts and the law but also the dynamics between you and your spouse, your spouse’s attorney, and the judge in your case. Because the law is not always black and white, our clients benefit from our creative and strategic advocacy. We know that the best result for you will include both tangible and intangible factors. We strategize with you to identify your goals to maximize the possibility of achieving them.

Counseling clients through the process of divorce entails an artful combination of skillful lawyering, empathy, client empowerment and honesty. We are skilled negotiators with extensive experience in settlement, mediation, and collaborative practice. We are also highly effective litigators who are courtroom tested.



Managing Risk and Uncertainty


The partners of Robin, Ferguson & Kempton have been practicing together for over a decade and work closely together. Through our collective experience in thousands of divorces, we are familiar with the steep emotional and financial toll that can affect individuals and their families. Our attorneys seek to reduce and manage the unavoidable stress and uncertainty of the divorce process.

We identify likely outcomes and risks so that you can make informed decisions as you evaluate the best path forward for you and your family.



Our Commitment


We understand that ending a marriage or other domestic relationship can be a difficult process, often marked by complex emotions, financial stress and uncertainty. We are committed to assisting you through the process and providing information and resources to help you reach your goals. Because every case is unique, our strategies are customized. You can depend on us to focus on your individual situation and the objectives you want to achieve.

Our attorneys are empathetic, candid and committed to finding the best possible resolution. We collaborate closely with you to identify a reasonable, practical and amicable resolution—whether through agreement or in court—to support you in moving forward to the next chapter in your life.